Channel Letters - Canada Life, Toronto O

 Channel Letters 

Set your company’s individuality apart from the rest.

Illuminated Channel letters are with (LED) light-emitting diode modules lighting components.

Faces are made of translucent acrylic for Back lit or aluminum for Halo-lit effect.

Channel acrylic faces can be applied with translucent vinyl graphic films

to match your corporate colors. When illuminated at night, channel letters/symbols draw the eye of passers-by.

By choosing channel letters, you have a wide range of flexibility with design, style and color combinations to set your company’s individuality apart from the rest. These are ideal for all your exterior signage, whether it be high rise, commercial or public buildings.

From quotes and concept to design, creation, placement and installation our sign specialists are here to serve you by helping you find your perfect customized channel letters every step of the way. Enduring, resistant, long lasting and minimal maintenance, channel letters are the ideal choice to display your company’s individuality.